The Clean and Caring Adventures of Olwin

Olwin TV Movie Review

Olwin is a wise and kind female green steam locomotive who loves helping the younger trains in Chuggington. She is very motherly and prefers to keep her paintwork looking pristine.

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Olwin’s Adventures

A kind but fussy streamlined engine, Olwin has a habit of keeping her paint work pristine and her buffers buffed. Despite her fastidious ways, she’s a motherly and caring engine who is always there when the trainees need a “bumper to cry on.”

When a magazine photographer comes to Chuggington, Olwin is determined to look her best—but she’s not prepared for what happens next.

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Olwin’s Emergency

Olwin is a wise and kind old steam locomotive who lives in Chuggington. She is very much a mentor to the trainee engines Wilson, Brewster and Koko and teaches them everything she knows about navigating in bad weather. Olwin also helps them to deal with emergencies.

She is dark green and resembles a tender-less LNER Class A4 steam locomotive with a Kylchap double chimney, although she has side valences instead of an open cab roof. Her cylinder steam pipes go into her body vertically, unlike Speedy and Old Puffer Pete’s which go into their bodies horizontally.

She is a little scatterbrained and sometimes has trouble taking herself seriously, which leads to other chuggers not taking her very seriously at first. She also hates getting dirty and is always trying to keep herself looking clean, especially on her trips to the quarry where she is worried that her delicate bodywork will be ruined. She is a great help to Wilson, Brewster and Koko whenever they are in trouble or need someone to take care of them. 올윈티비

Olwin’s Photo Shoot

A magazine photographer is visiting Chuggington and Olwin wants to look her best. She tries to clean herself but gets covered in mud. So she goes to the Chug Wash, but it’s broken! She asks Eddie for help, but he rudely dismisses her. Olwin is left embarrassed and dirty.

She tries to go to the repair shed, but Morgan is fixing Irving. She asks Vee to be on the lookout, so she can reach the Chug Wash urgently and unnoticed.

While returning, she sees Brewster and Wilson fighting over a wagon with 100 bottles of elephant soap wash in the loading yard. Olwin jolts her wagon and the bottle shoots into her water tank intake valve. She realizes she’s a bubbly mess and tries to solve the problem quickly before the photographer arrives. Luckily, Ebo volunteers to take her to the safari park. Olwin is a very wise and kind chugger. She acts as a mentor to trainees Wilson, Brewster and Koko. She is often scatterbrained, but she always wants to look neat and tidy.

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