Judas Priest’s Classic Songs & Their Influence

Judas Priest Songs You Must Know

Getting your motor running with this Judas Priest classic. Its captivating guitar riffs, pounding rhythm section and Rob Halford’s unique vocals make this a definite sing-along metal classic.

A rare slow-down for the band, this is a definite highlight from their classic album ’Hell Bent for Leather’. It is also proof that Priest could still rock without their longtime guitarist K.K. Downing.

Heading Out To The Highway

A quintessential Judas Priest classic, Heading Out To The Highway is a rock anthem that carries a powerful message of self-discovery and breaking free from the confines of society. The awe-inspiring lyrics and the power of Halford’s voice make this song a timeless classic that has influenced the metal scene for decades to come.

On the second album, Sad Wings Of Destiny, Judas Priest are still finding their feet. The circular guitar riff on ‘Heading Out To The Highway’ is one of their strongest, while Halford’s impassioned vocals add the necessary edge to make this a true classic.

With its themes of revenge and independence, this is the perfect song for anyone who’s ever felt the need to break free from the rat race and live life on their own terms.

Metal Gods

Metal Gods is a song about technology’s usurpation of power over humanity. It suggests a dystopian future, in which machines have become the dominant force and humans are powerless against them. Rob Halford’s lyrics for the song were influenced by science fiction – especially The War Of The Worlds and the 1977 album cover for Queen’s News Of The World, which shows a giant robot reaping destruction. The title phrase “Metal Gods” also references the fact that Halford is known to be a heavy metal god, a nickname that he has trademarked. He earned the title after championing metal music during the ’70s when punk was popular.

Beyond The Realms Of Death

Featuring acoustic guitars, strings, and piano, this beautiful ballad is something that you don’t often see from heavy metal bands. It explores themes of despair, isolation, and the pursuit of freedom.

The lyrics delve into the story of a man who feels overwhelmed by the world around him and longs to escape to another place beyond it. This song demonstrates Judas Priest’s ability to craft powerful, emotional songs that speak to the hearts of many.

The track is a classic example of how Priest can be both heavy and cool. The riffs are tight and the vocals are a little more rock-oriented than their typical sound, which helps Halford stand out as a true metallic star. This version is a must-listen for fans of the band.

Last Rose Of Summer

This song from the band’s 1990 album is a full-on pedal-to-the-metal scorcher. Speed and power merge in one hell of a Priest ride, with Halford at his most sinister and Tipton and Downing providing drama incarnate. The song is a definite highlight of any live show by the band and is often included in their setlists as a sing-along.

Featuring a whirlwind intensity that’s been compared to fever, Fever is a classic song by Judas Priest. It explores the theme of passion and obsession while delivering an intense musical experience. The powerful vocals by Halford accentuate the song’s emotion, evoking the consuming ferocity of desire. The lyrics also highlight the line between craving and addiction, a powerful concept that many fans identify with. The song is a must-listen for any fan of the genre.

You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

This song on the band’s 1982 album Screaming For Vengeance is one of the fastest metal songs they ever recorded. It is unrelenting with a great chorus and some of the best riffs Tipton and Downing ever penned. It also features one of Halford’s grittiest and dirtiest performances.

This song is a definite Judas Priest classic. It celebrates the thrill of embracing the night and it is an irresistible anthem with a catchy hook. The lyrics are also powerful and lyrically this is some of their strongest material.

Judas Priest has continued to produce excellent albums through the years and 2024’s Invincible Shield is no exception. The band is still touring and playing to their loyal fan base around the world. They recently co-headlined California’s PowerTrip festival.

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