Growing Presence: Translating Korean Marketing Materials for Business Expansion

Translation of? From Korean to English

Korean-speaking individuals and businesses are increasingly growing their presence within new markets, and it is important that their marketing translations convey this growth. Ensure that your chosen LSP has extensive experience with business-related terminology to avoid costly errors.

Translating into Korean requires a strong understanding of its unique sentence structure, grammar rules and cultural nuances. This includes idiomatic expressions and honorifics.

1. Saeob

Saeob (Korean: ) is the name of a Korean company. Its headquarters is in Seoul. The company produces various kinds of shoes and sports equipment. Saeob’s business strategy is to create high quality products with unique designs and to sell them at reasonable prices. This is the reason why the company has so many loyal customers.

Using a quantitative approach based on large amounts of language material, the author analyzes the concept of ’hygiene’ in modern Korea. The results show that, unlike in the past when hygiene was a generalized concept, the present meaning of ’hygiene’ can be understood as an aspect of the modern ego-like act.

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2. Sangeop

Sangyeop shook his head, he knew he looked sick. His hair was a mess from sleep, his eyes looked like they had been coloured with black pencil and his stomach was cramping up and making him churn. He shuffled into the kitchen in the hope that a sip of some chilled water would help.

But when he sipped, the contents of his stomach rushed up into the bowl and he gagged once more. His knuckles turned white and he fought to keep it in.

“Are you okay?” Yechan asked him, his voice still sounding slightly hoarse. Sangyeop’s head rolled around and he looked at his bandmate, who was leaning over the sink with his hand pressed to his chest. He gave a groggy nod and started to heave. The vomit was thick and painful, as if his stomach muscles were being stretched by someone pulling on a rope. It continued on for a minute or so until he stopped.

3. Yeongeop

(yeongeop) is the word for business or company. Other words related to the world of business in Korea include teugheo (teukeo), caegweon (chaegwon) and jusig (jusik).

LANGUAGE TIP! In Korean, adjectives work on their own rather than with a verb, and you do not need to say he or she. For example, if someone asks you, What does she look like? you can reply that she’s pretty.

Let’s listen to two conversations and see if you can understand them. In the first conversation, Barbara is calling a company. She wants to speak to Mr Kim. But Mr Kim is not in at the moment. She will call back later. What does she do in the meantime?

4. Hoesa

A company is a business entity that aims to make profit and pursue innovation and risk management. It is a separate legal entity that can conduct business, enter contracts, sue or be sued in its own name.

This form of ownership is most commonly used by foreigners due to its potential tax benefits in the United States. The US withholding tax is waived if the shareholder resides in a country that has a double taxation treaty with Korea.

While a Yunhan Hoesa is a good option for some small companies, it has limited transferability of its units and requires the consent of 75% of the shareholders to issue or transfer shares. For companies that require more flexibility in issuing and transferring shares, Chusik Hoesa/joint stock company may be a better option. This is also the most popular structure for small businesses in Korea. It has the added benefit of limited liability for the participants. It is a great choice for enterprises that need to raise capital through public offerings or venture investments.

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