Expanding European Leagues in US: The Trend of Overseas Football Broadcast

Overseas Football Broadcast

Overseas football broadcast is a new trend as European leagues seek to expand their presence in the United States. This is especially true after Apple paid $2.5 billion for the MLS’s streaming rights last year.

To watch NFL games abroad, you must use a VPN that is fast and secure. PIA, for example, has hundreds of US servers and offers a money-back guarantee. 해외축구중계

Live broadcast high definition

HD broadcasting has become standard in major European sports, and the Olympic games have also been produced in high definition. It allows for a more realistic and natural viewing experience. This is especially important for sports like football and other action sports. A HD broadcast can also feature a wider range of cameras, including rail, finger, rope, polecams and ultra-motion cameras.

When streaming in HD, it is essential to choose a bitrate that matches your internet connection’s download speed. This prevents choppy or buffering video. It’s also helpful to use multi-bitrate support, which allows you to select the best quality for your internet connection. This way, you can stream in HD even if your viewers’ internet speeds aren’t up to par. This ensures a high-quality experience for all.

Relay sites

Relay sites are locations where multiple customers are attached to a single satellite antenna. These locations are usually on private land. You can find potential relay sites by using a Google Maps satellite view of the area you’re targeting. Look for rooftops and scan the horizon – anything that stands out will be a good candidate. If you find a suitable site, get a contract with the owner as soon as possible. This will ensure that you don’t lose customers when the site is canceled.


Using a VPN to access Overseas football broadcast is the best way to avoid having to buy a cable subscription. The service encrypts your data and replaces your IP address with one from another location. This allows you to gain access to blocked streaming services and watch football abroad. You can also use a VPN to keep your communications secure when using public Wi-Fi spots.

A good VPN will offer fast speeds and no lag. It should also support multiple platforms and offer a customizable interface. For instance, PIA provides hundreds of US servers and sorts them by latency, making it easy to find the fastest ones.

If you’re traveling abroad to see the NFL games, choose a VPN with servers in the US. NordVPN, for example, has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial, and offers impeccable security. Its in-house Lightway tunneling protocol delivers HD video without buffering or slowdowns. It also works well with other popular streaming services, including Netflix and Hulu.

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